Ken Bell
Hi, I am Rev. Ken Bell and I am the senior Priest at St. Timothy’s.  On church council I do not have a particular role though I am part of the ‘executive team’ along with the wardens, treasurer and secretary.  I work closely with each of the G team leaders, attending and participating in their ministries and meetings as much as they ask me to.  I continue to enjoy serving at St. Timothy’s because I love to see people grow in their faith, have ‘a-ha’ moments in their relationship with God and to help people learn more about how to live their life of faith in their daily lives. If you ever have any questions or ideas I am never more than a call, email or coffee away call (604-908-4659) or email ().
Simon Chin
Honorary Assistant
I am the Rev. Simon Chin. I retired as Rector of St. Matthias and St. Luke Church in 2012. I am now serving as Honorary Priest of St. Timothy's Anglican Church. I am thankful for the opportunity to continue serving God and the Church in the ministry I was called to so many years ago and to use some of what I have learned in over 40 years of ministry. Our Rector has given me opportunities to preach, celebrate and help at the Eucharist. These are much appreciated. As the honorary priest I do not have any official role in any ministries of the Church but I am willing to serve wherever I can, when asked. In addition to St Timothy's I am currently also serving as a visiting priest at St Andrew's Church South Delta two Sundays a month. Our home Church however is still St Timothy's. My hope is that my daughter and I will be able to continue to worship and serve in this Church for some time to come. We have only been here a few months but we feel worshipping here has been a great blessing. If I can be of any help in any way please do not hesitate to call (778-216-2098) or write me ().
Peter Haigh
Peoples Warden
I am Peter Haigh, a founding member of St. Timothy's. As People's Warden, I work closely with the Rector's Warden and our Priest, to work on optimizing the operation of church services and charitable outlook, within the context of our Mission Statement, and in accordance with our congregations' wishes. Detailed work is ably carried on by our 'G' team leaders, Treasurer and secretary. As I have recently retired, in theory at least, I should have more time for church matters; at least I am available at more convenient times. For any critiques, beefs, bouquets or just for a chat - I am available in person, by telephone (604-980-7809) or e-mail ()
Matthew Vondette.jpg
Rector's Warden
I am Matthew Vondette and I have been on Church Council for seven years. This year is my second year as a member of the executive team serving as Rector’s Warden. The wardens are responsible for overseeing the matters and wellbeing of the church. As Rector’s warden I assist the priests in their work in the church, and am available to parishioners for questions and concerns. Outside of St. Timothy’s I am the owner of a computer store and the resident technical director of a lower mainland theatrical company. If you have questions, concerns or suggestions I am available in person, by telephone (778-650-5469) or email ().
Rami Nader
Council Secretary
I am Rami Nader and have served on St. Timothy’s Church council for the past four years as chair of the Give Team.  I am excited to start a new position of leadership on the executive team in the position of secretary.  As church secretary, I am responsible for correspondence and maintaining records for the church, keeping and distributing minutes from Council and church meetings and maintaining the church membership list.  While it may not seem like the most glamorous of positions, I see the secretary’s role as one of disseminating information from Council to the broader congregation and I believe that is extremely important.  Outside of church, I serve the role of “daddy” to my two beautiful daughters, husband to my wonderful wife, Andrea and I am director/owner of a busy stress and anxiety clinic in North Vancouver. If you have questions, concerns or suggestions I am available in person, by telephone (604-987-7965) or email ().
Leddy Lilley
I am Leddy Lilley and have served as Treasurer for St. Timothy's since before we were St. Timothy's. I am a retired chartered accountant but keep busy lending my accounting and financial experience and advice to several charity boards and committees including A Rocha Canada. My official duties are to maintain the books and records needed to provide periodic financial reports to council and annual financial statements to the members of St. Timothy's and to complete the necessary filings for Income Tax and Society Act reporting. Other interests are tennis, golf, cycling and my family including three grandkids. If you have any questions , concerns or suggestions I can be reached in person, by telephone (604-987-6549) or by email ().
Grady Buhler
Go & Give Teams
My name is Grady Buhler, leader of the Give and Go teams. The Give and Go teams are responsible for looking at how St. Timothy's can give of ourselves for the sake of the world. I have a passion for preaching the gospel and for making disciples of Jesus Christ. I love my wife Carly and my two kids, Mary and Frank. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me by telephone (604-418-3136) or email ().
Wendy Love
Gather Team
I am Wendy Love, your head of Gather (Fellowship).  The focus of Gather is to build the Church Community through fellowship gatherings (informal dinners, games nights) greeting members of the congregation before the service, and serving coffee.  The Ladies group, Newsletter,  Introduction to Membership Course (101), and Pastoral Care, visiting the sick, bereaved and those in need, are a part of the Gather ministry.  Gather members also provide Prayer Teams and a Prayer Chain.  I joined Gather and the Council, because I believe that God is leading me into new areas of ministry which will challenge me and hopefully encourage you as we fellowship together. If you have questions, concerns or suggestions I am available in person, by telephone (604-929-7088) or email ().
Chris Young
Glorify Team
My name is Chris Young and I am responsible for “Glorify” which means all the various ministries associated with Sunday worship. This includes Altar Guild, Sides persons, Servers and Lay Administrators, Set-up/Take- down, Bible Lesson readers, sound system and power point operation, liturgy, Prayers of the People and music. However, I am lucky enough to have many capable helpers who coordinate each of these activities. Although I am new to council this year, I have been an active participant in most worship activities for many years. I decided to stand for three reasons. Firstly because it is an area that interests me, secondly in a small church I believe that all of us should be doing our part and felt that it was my turn to step up to the plate. Thirdly, and most importantly, because we are all called by God to give of our time and talent to serve him as best we can. I know that worship is a very personal and emotive subject and would encourage all of you to call me with your observations and any concerns, in person, by telephone (604-980-2955) or email ().
Patricia Young
Grow Team
My name is Patricia Young and I am the person on council responsible for the “Grow” Team, sometimes also known as Christian Discipleship. At St Timothy’s this team is responsible for the Christian education of all members of our church. This includes organizing bible study groups and any other adult education programs that will assist us to become disciples of Jesus Christ. The team is also responsible for coordinating the nursery, children’s and youth ministry, the Film Ministry and St Timothy’s Library. Members on the team include parents involved with our Kidz Church program, adults involved in Home Bible Study groups, and a representative from the Library. I serve on council and lead this team because I truly believe that as each one of us grows in our likeness of Jesus Christ that we will bring honour and glory to God and grow His Kingdom. If you have questions, concerns or suggestions I am available in person, by telephone (604-980-2955) or email ().
Lois Carter
Musical Director
Hi I am Lois. I studied 'cello and piano in London England and vocal studies in Germany. In my role as the director of music at St Timothy's, I have the responsibility of choosing hymns and finding music to fit the liturgical style of our worship. I also train the choir for specific choral anthems as part of the weekly service. Although I enjoy listening to and participating in all genres of good music, my musical training and background is primarily in the classics and traditional church hymnody. My goal as music director is to create a sound that is filled with warmth and rich texture so that the heart of every worshipper is open to receive spiritual strength. Music therefore, plays an integral part in building up our faith as a community – along with biblical teaching, liturgy and the sacraments. If you have questions, concerns or suggestions I am available in person, by telephone (604-222-4497) or email ().
Sonya Bell
Children's Ministry
I am Sonya, married to Ken and I have two children involved in the children's ministry. For many years I helped to lead youth ministry and really enjoyed it. When we came to St. Timothy's with a little one of our own I got involved with the children's ministry. I have a real heart and passion for the young ones to learn about Jesus, to be loved for who they are and to be given an opportunity to be Christ like to others by both leading and serving others. If you have questionsabout our Children's Ministry I am available in person, by telephone (604-980-7521) or email ().

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