Welcome to St. Timothy's Kidz Church

St. Timothy's is blessed with a wonderful group of children. We come to praise God and worship with fellow believers. In Kidz Church we learn about God and how to live like God. We invite children of all age groups to come together to worship God. St. Timothy's Kidz Church is bubbling with life as we discover the great biblical stories in God's word. Kidz Church gives opportunities for children to practice and experience Christ-likeness as they play, learn and work with others.

At St. Timothy's we value the provision of spiritual leadership for children and youth; believing that they are an essential part of our community, bringing joy through their presence.

At St. Timothy's our vision is to be a place where children come to know and trust in the love of God as they actively participate in the life of the church.

Three principles which drive this vision:

  1. We believe in the importance of Bible based narrative teaching. As children learn the stories of the People of God, all other issues of values, morals and themes will be naturally revealed.
  2. We believe that we are One Body in Christ. We are not a school, but a worshipping community; and that church provides one of the rare places where children are given the opportunity to interact with adults & children of other ages and backgrounds whom they may not otherwise play or relate with.
  3. We believe in the importance of parent participation in children's ministry. This not simply a practical necessity but also a philosophical/theological conviction. Parents are the primary disciples for the spiritual formation of their children. Kidz church is meant to help foster that and reinforce what is already happening at home in terms of formation and worship. Therefore parent participation is essential as we co-labour to shape deep rooted Christ-likeness. The church is not a service provider set up to meet everyone's personal needs and desires, rather we are a family who takes responsibility to care for, encourage and teach the younger generation.

These are some things we do to make our children safe:

  • We provide a loving environment where the children are encouraged to work out conflict.
  • We provide a lesson plan that has the same routine every Sunday. The children know what to expect from us and what we expect of them.
  • We encourage pairing up the older children with the younger children to make the younger ones feel comfortable. This lessens the separation anxiety of the young children and teaches the older children selflessness.
  • We have a plan to protect policy and we maintain appropriate adult-child ratios.

What is Kidz Church?

  • Kidz Church is a church for kids.
  • Kidz Church should be a reflection of adult church. Gathering of the Christian community to worship God. Kidz Church is a place to worship God together by praising God, demonstrating Christ-like behaviour and reading the bible.
  • All age groups make one Kidz Church. We worship God through song, actions, play, prayer, and reading the bible.
  • Experiencing church together allows the opportunity to live out Christ-like behaviour because you are met with relationship challenges that naturally occur in a group situation. Teaching Christ-like behaviour is no small task as we battle our self-centeredness and human nature. The attitude is not 'what do I get out of it?' but 'how do we worship God better?' The children are learning about each other's needs and are beginning to identify where they can be helpful to each other. In essence practicing how to love their neighbours. We pray that God will change all our hearts to be focused on Him.
  • We recognize that Christ-like behaviours are hard for everyone to do so we use a variety of ways to recognize these great acts.
  • Having all age groups has challenged each child to go beyond their self-centeredness and actually care for one another.
  • This style or method of children's ministry is a little unconventional as it is a change of thinking from age targeted theme curriculum, to community bible based curriculum.

Presenting the bible

  • We teach the bible stories and allow God to show us the rest. Each Sunday the bible story has one main idea which is taught through craft, visual props, colouring sheets games and sometimes video. By using a variety of teaching methods we hope to reach different types of learners.
  • Story time is our main question and answer period but questions are asked during all activities. Kids can ask questions at any time. There is a lot of repetition, which helps the children to remember the stories.
  • We look at God's character, His love for us and our human character. We learn how God created us to be and how to worship God.
  • All children are welcome to hear, especially the 5 and under group. Hearing the bible story is important in years where they are learning to form words.

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